Foundation for Dental Care
Your New Dental Care Solution

Foundation for Dental Care is a not-for-profit dental provider network and offers
affordable self-funded dental plan alternatives for employers doing business in Kern County. HealthEdge Administrators (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Foundation for Medical Care) is the Third Party Administrator (TPA) providing services that includes billing, processing dental claims and customer service for employers who choose to self-fund their employee dental plan. The Foundation for Dental Care network was designed with select top-notched dentists and specialists providing dental services.

What does self-funding a dental plan mean? Self-Funding a dental plan means saving money! Under traditional fully-insured dental plans, both employers and employees are often paying for coverage that is not used. By self-funding a dental plan, it gives business owners the power of only paying for care when it is needed! Lower fixed monthly costs dedicated to dental care means more cash flow for day to day business. Something every size business can get behind!

The benefits the employers can achieve with a self-funded dental plan includes:

  • Cost Control:  Our dental provider network is committed to improving the dental care of the population we serve and driven to control dental care costs. By negotiating with the top dentists in the Kern & Santa Barbara counties, the Foundation for Dental Care ensures that our clients are able to receive the best care possible, at the most economical cost.
  • Quality Improvement:  Our dental providers understand the importance in managing the dental care of their patients. The Foundation for Dental Care and our dental provider network recognizes that no two individuals have the same oral health needs. Our partnership with leading dentists in Kern & Santa Barbara counties allows us to ensure that patients receive a treatment plan which is specialized to their individual needs by using the best allowable treatment options.
  • Patient Satisfaction:  We understand that productivity in the workplace and compliance with treatment can be impacted by dissatisfied patients. Each of our dental providers in the network strive to make their patients experience as positive as possible, treating our clients, employees and their families with dignity, compassion and professionalism.
  • Employer Satisfaction:  The flexibility of self-insuring helps employers use a dental plan to attract and retain the finest employees by designing a plan to meet employee's needs. Employers have the power to save time and money by utilizing the third party administration services of HealthEdge Administrators, as well as having access to the top dentists and specialists in Kern County.