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**IMPORTANT PLEASE READ** -- Please refer to your member identification card to determine the appropriate network access.

Disclaimer: This website and the provider listing are subject to change. While every effort is made to ensure current and accurate network information, please contact the provider prior to services being rendered to verify participation in the network.


This is a directory of dental care providers who are participating in the Foundation for Dental Care (FDC) Network. Participating providers have agreed to accept the contracted fees as payment in full after any deductible or coinsurance amounts for covered services.

This listing is subject to change.

Although every effort is made to ensure complete and up-to-date provider information, this directory is subject to change without notice. To report provider listing inaccuracies, please contact Provider Relations by sending an e-mail to or by calling (661) 616-4868.

Please note that listing a dental care provider in this directory does not mean services of the provider are automatically covered. Services must meet the coverage requirements and definitions of your specific plan.

For questions regarding eligibility, benefits, or covered services please contact Dental Customer Service - (661) 616-4868.

This directory is for information only and not intended to be a recommendation of any dental provider.

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